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I understand that I am making a commitment to 100+ Women Who Care Hilton Head Island to make an annual donation of $400 ($100 donation at each of four quarterly meetings). Donations will be made directly to local 501(3)(c) charities on Hilton Head Island. I understand that even if I did not vote for the charity chosen by majority vote, I will fulfill my donation commitment. I also understand that if I am not able to attend a quarterly meeting, I will give my check to another attendee to deliver to the meeting, or may mail my check to: Contributions Coordinator, P O Box 3055, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928 in advance of, or after, the meeting. I understand I must be present to vote, but if I cannot attend, I may send my check with another member and she can vote for me by proxy. My commitment will automatically renew, for successive one year periods, unless notice is given. I may resign at any time. I also understand that agreeing to these terms is an honor pledge, not a legal agreement.